5DT Training Plan

5DT offers a training plan, not merely training simulators.

With the 5DT Training Plan you can have more than 20 people training at the same time, instead of only a single person in a simulator, as offered by conventional training simulator providers.

e-Learning [Knowledge Transfer]

Develops the theoretical knowledge base of the trainee. Teaches the trainee the theory, vehicle/machine basics and terminology. The computer-based training (CBT) is delivered at the site or online.

Vehicle Inspection Trainer [Knowledge Transfer]

Teaches the trainee how to perform pre-trip and post-trip vehicle inspections and how to report the findings.

Advanced Training Simulator [Skills Transfer]

Develop the driving/operating skills of a trainee in a focused, rapid and comprehensive way. Teaches the trainee how to handle the vehicle during emergencies like tyre blowouts, engine fires, brake failures and jackknives.