5DT e-Learning 

5DT’s e-learning courses are designed to make operators safer, more productive and less destructive.

Our SCORM-compliant CBT (computer-based training) courses present users with a unique interactive learning experience.

CBTs are the perfect precursor training tool when making use of our highly immersive training simulators.

Our CBTs can be purchased as standard courses, or can be modified to suit individual client needs.

Our courses can be uploaded to existing Learning Management Software (LMS) in use by clients.


  • SCORM-compliant

  • Client and operator focused

  • Backed by rugged experience for SMEs and OEMs

  • Immersive and interactive

  • Device independent

  • Trackable and traceable (assessment scores)

  • Machine-specific

  • Not literacy level dependent

  • AI friendly for full scope implementation

  • Administration and user friendly


  • E-learning provides the theoretical base that underpins practical training.

  • E-learning familiarises learners with machine parts and functions, thereby saving training time in the field.

  • E-learning informs future operators about safety protocols when operating machinery, thereby reducing the risk of personal injury.

  • E-learning advises future operators on emergency procedures, and how to avoid such situations.

  • E-learning identifies possible operator errors and how to avoid and/or correct them.

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